Gigabyte M6900 Gaming Mouse review

More than a week ago I didn’t even know that Gigabyte produced mice but I’m pretty broke and my Logitech mouse somehow has a very weird issue where it clicks twice when I want to click once sometimes.

Anyway, the Gigabyte M6900 comes in pretty awesome packaging. It actually comes in a black plastic case that I wouldn’t mind showing off.

The mouse itself looks very nice. It has a fairly wide base that I wasn’t used to, but now think is pretty comfortable. It has the usual 2 thumb buttons and a mouse wheel button. You can also move the mouse wheel to the sides for 2 additional buttons.

On the top there are 2 buttons to set the dpi and 3 LEDs of which 2 are showing dpi settings while the bottom one is always on.

I thought it was very nice that everything just works after plugging in the mouse. No hassle of installing additional software. And the mouse is very precise and has a nice feel.

Most of all, I bought it for 23 euro (it’s on for $24.99) which is far lower than a comparable mouse from Logitech which doesn’t look as nice. The only thing that I think it needs is the button to change to smooth scrolling that Logitech has (I like the rasterized scrolling most of the time but for fast scrolling the smooth thing is nice).

In summary it’s a great mouse for the price.

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