Global Companies (that produce stuff)

Ok, so I already have a problem with global companies selling the same exact thing in 2 countries for 2 different prices (like mp3s, software, games that all are sold by download and thus cost the one selling them exactly the same no matter if the buyer is in the US or Germany or southeast mongolia). But, and even more annoyingly, I hate that companies that sell things in more than one country are not selling the same things in both countries.

I’m mostly talking about companies like Pepsi, Coke, McDonald’s, etc.
Why can a company like pepsi not sell the same things in Germany that they sell in america. They’re selling Pepsi here and i’m sure it wouldn’t be all that hard to produce things the same way here as in America. I really like Cherry Pepsi and they just don’t even sell it here for some reason even though coke makes a lot of money with Cherry Coke. Now I don’t even wanna start about dr pepper and Doritos and all the other stuff that I loved while I was in america. I guess there is just no one out there that travels all over the world wondering how it’s possible to buy Pepsi in pretty much any country, but not Cherry Pepsi.

Also, how does cherry coke not taste the same in germany as it does in the UK ? And on the same note, how does malasyan Pepsi taste like Coke ?

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