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Phil Haack made a very nice post a long time ago about him switching to dvorak (june 5th, 2007). I incidentally already commented on that post sometime last year.

My point of this post is to pimp my own keyboard layout, obviously. I have switched to the aforementioned dvorak keyboard layout a while back, can’t remember the exact time, but it must have been in 2003. Ever since then i had the problem of dealing with the german letters (äöüß) that aren’t included in that layout. However, there are some other issues as well. Since I’m a programmer I have very specific needs for a keyboard layout. I need to have braces, brackets, the backslash, dollar sign, and many other keys that are much more rarely used by non-programmers. That whole assembly of problems was then solved for me by the makers of the neo layout. Unfortunately for me, those guys keep “improving” the layout. How is that a problem you may wonder. Even besides the obvious issue of there not being an adoption of the layout because it keeps changing. I now have the problem of (at least the guys are smart enough to use subversion) having to remember the revision my keyboard layout was in. If i forget i have to go through about 900 revisions of my keyboard layout and try to figure out if the one is the one I’m looking for. If i ever had to format or something and lost it that is.

Now for the point of this post (did anyone read this far ?). I have developed my very own keyboard layout, with a colleague of mine. This is how it looks:

The DevIL Keyboard Layout
DevIL Layout

This keyboard layout is very close to one of the revisions of the layout I had been using before, with the subtle difference of keys not changing places every 2 weeks. It is available here as an autohotkey script. After testing the layout extensively I will be releasing the final version, and i will upload a compiled script, so no one has to install autohotkey.

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