Your Browser Matters

Microsoft is hilarious.

So microsoft just started a new campaign for quite obviously the internet explorer with this website that is supposed to give you a security score for the webbrowser you’re currently using. Obviously no browser can beat the one made by microsoft, mainly because they made the criteria that way. I personally use chrome and i feel very secure.

The website is supposed to rate the browser in 4 different categories from dangerous downloads to attacks on the browser. Microsoft gives the internet explorer 4 out of 4 points, chrome 2.5, firefox 2, and all other browsers are just ignored completely.

This is where they just go out of their way to amuse me…. i go to the website with my chrome beta, and they don’t even give me a score. “WE CAN’T GIVE YOU A SCORE FOR YOUR BROWSER” and right below the link “what does this score mean”. You’ve done it again, microsoft, your fails are the most hilarious.

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