I Have an Etsy Shop

I guess I figured I should get all the shameless promotion out in the beginning....

I've been doing leatherwork for about a year at this point. I started out by trying to make wallets....

And you can see those failed wallets and maybe buy one for yourself ! To be fair I'm still trying to make a good one, but so far that just hasn't happened yet. But at least they're very reasonably priced. I figure that I should be selling the trifold wallets for about $200, and they are functional, so .... very cheap.

Anyway, the Etsy shop will have most things I make, which will hopefully be wallets, purses, collars and maybe harnesses.

The collars I made are already very good and I'm pretty happy with how they came out.

I hope I can grow that business into something worthwhile.

I Have a Website

.... Again .... Finally

I finally wrote a website again.... I think this one has taken me over 2 years.

The first one was a CMS I wrote in php which wasn't actually bad, but lacked many features I would have liked (comments mostly), but (safe and secure) comments are very hard, especially when you don't trust phps sanitation.

Then I ran wordpress for a while, which also wasn't bad. I just hate having 400 divs on a single page and the css is even more complicated....

So now I run a custom CMS again.... It's made with Drogon, it's in C++ and I actually like it a whole lot. Although the documentation leaves something to be desired and some things are very hard to figure out.... But it's good and I like it.

Now I guess we'll see if I actually continue working on this one :)