Time's 50 worst cars of all time


The time.com’s list of 50 worst cars of all time is not only underwhelming, it’s also pretty silly.

Having the Trabant on there is obviously not a problem but saying “often lacked even the most basic of amenities, like brake lights or turn signals.” and picturing a Trabant with turn signals is pretty silly.

But the problem I have with the list is that cars made it on there that no one would ever consider a top 50 worst car of all time (some even of the year it was made). Ford Model T ? really shouldn’t be on there. BMW 7 Series is on there for 2 reasons, one is the iDrive which controls nearly every electronic device in the car and the other is the design of the behind. How do those two reasons qualify a car for a spot in the top 50 worst cars of all time ? That kinda stops me from giving the list any credibility at all. But looking beyond those two examples we have flying cars, swimming cars, cars fueled by propane…. none of them with much reason of deserving a top 50 spot. I would agree that those features are largely irrelevant and even useless, but how does that make them bad ?

It seems like the list just makes fun of great innovation that may not have worked out well, or ended up not selling well.

1997 Mercedes A class should probably be on the list rather than 2002 BMW 7 Series.