Daylight Saving Time

Last year the Russians have finally abandoned the Daylight Saving Time, due to the potential stress and illnesses caused by the changing clocks and biorhythms. Unfortunately very recently they have re-adopted the practice.

The main problem I see with Daylight Saving Time is that it’s not universal and not even synchronous. Every government can decide pretty arbitrarily what time it is right now. There are countries that follow Dailight Saving Time and those that don’t. There are countries that have some states following and some not (I’m looking at you Arizona). There are some countries that have states following it at different times. There have been countries that turned the clock 2 hours ahead during summer. There have been time shifts of half an hour and even twenty minutes.

You just don’t ever really know what time it is in any given country unless you look it up right then.

And then there is the whole issue of how silly it really is to change the time. Basically you’re just telling everyone that the hours of everything just changed. “Starting on Monday March 25 we open an hour later, we also close an hour later”…. just that it’s practically mandated by the government. Now if businesses were actually changing their hours to have the times be consistent all year round there would be some funny conversations with customers. Customer: “Why did you change the hours ?” Clerk: “We didn’t, You did”.

If people really believed that Daylight Saving Time would save energy business owners would just change the hours during summer. In my opinion, though, it’s just not worth it.

And just when you thought this is a politics rant that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with religion…. we have muslims, and also jews. Since prayer times and things such as the Ramadan are following the times of sunrise and sunset arbirtrarily doesn’t have much use. Which is also why many muslim countries do not follow it.

Regardless of whether or not it’s a good idea, I think people should just agree on having it one way or the other. Since it only makes sense in a certain geographical location (certain distance from both the equator, where seasons don’t matter, and the poles, where one hour (or 12, even 24) don’t make much of a difference) and is too much of a hassle to be of any use for a lot of people in the countries where it theoretically does make a difference, I think it would make far more sense to just abandon the practice and leave the clocks alone.