Jenny McCarthy and Autism

The New York Times just posted a brilliant Opinion yesterday. Brilliant obviously mostly because I agree with it.

The Post, as you may have guessed from the Headline, is about Autism and how Jenny McCarthy so hilariously failed at covering her own ass.

This has been very important to me for a really long time. Everyone knows that vaccinations have saved literally billions of lives and have eradicated diseases and almost eradicated a lot more diseases. Smallpox for one is completely gone. I’m very happy about that fact. And yet there could be so many more diseases completely wiped out. I’m obviously not blaming Jenny McCarthy for that failure, but she is changing minds about vaccinations everywhere.

Think about that for a minute. Someone who has never been to medical school, has no degree whatsoever, has never even read a book about vaccinations, has never read any scientific information about vaccines is somehow the leading authority on vaccines and a link to autism that has been disproved again and again. She somehow is more trustworthy because she posed for playboy than literally hundreds of scientists who spend their lives trying to help people.

So the New York Times Opinion goes on about Jenny McCarthy trying to say that she’s not anti Vaccine when she’s been telling people not to vaccinate their children for years. She went on “Oprah” to say that the MMR Vaccine apparently instantly changed how her son’s brain worked.

Think about that…. instantly. He got the vaccine and he just changed …. right then and there.

How stupid do you have to be to even believe that. So in the millions of vaccines that have been given to kids…. in the BILLIONS of vaccines given to children no one noticed that ? Some doctors vaccinate hundreds of children every year, and they somehow don’t notice something that significant ?

I’m refraining from posting everything she said and linking to everything, but it’s very telling that both sides of the vaccination debate (which really should not exist at all, please read the whole ‘I fucking love science’ post on it) are so focused on her. She has a page named after her called ‘Jenny McCarthy Body Count’.

Now as you may have heard. The person that sparked this whole debate does not even have autism. Think about that…. over a thousand people die because they chose not to get vaccinated in part because of Jenny McCarthy. Who somehow linked autism to vaccines because of her son. Who then turned out not to have autism. That’s pretty ironic if you ask me.

TL:DR; Jenny McCarthy causes incredible amounts of time and money to be spent on disproving a link between autism and vaccines. Which has been disproved as hard as possible. Instead of that time and money being spent on actual research into autism, how you get autism, how to treat autism, how to prevent autism. People have died because of a silly debate when there never has been a link between vaccines and autism (except for one paper that was written because of greed, which has obviously been disproved about 20 times over, retracted and the author lost his license over it). And then it turns out her son doesn’t even have autism. And yet She still is not an advocate for vaccines, even for autism. To my knowledge she hasn’t even apologized for any of it. Not that any of that would undo any of the damage she has done. It would be a start.

Please vaccinate yourself and your children.

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  1. I hate to say this but she is right about your son/daughter changing in front of your eyes. After my granddaughter got her shots she just sat like a zombie, and didn’t come out of it for a week. Drs, didn’t send her to the ER. The problem is “Don’t put ALL the drugs in one fell shot!” My granddaughter needs physical therapy and speech therapy now. And her Doctor was a utter fool. Even after threatening to sue, so now they have the head pediatrician who thinks the guy shouldn’t have his license. It is too much mercury in the shots, therefore causing defects that may or may not be able to grow out of. Thankfully, she is.

    1. There is no mercury in vaccines, none, at all, in any of them. That’s a fact.
      Do you not think that with all the autism cases you people think are caused by vaccines pediatricians would notice something would be amiss ? Do you think pediatricians are inherently evil ? Do you think pediatricians go to school for so many years because they want to harm children ?
      It has been disproved many times (links are in the article) that there is any connection between vaccines and autism. There simply is not. Autism is not caused by vaccines.
      Also I would prefer my children get autism than have them get pertussis, measles, polio… Probably die of one of them. I would vaccinate my children even if there was a link between autism and vaccines simply because I don’t want them to die.
      Oh and I just got my own vaccines renewed, I also don’t have autism yet.

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