Amazon Mechanical Turk

So I was going to start my journey of using the mechanical turk (Basically a platform on Amazon that lets you complete small tasks for a tiny bit of money, usually under $1 each), and saving up the money to buy a new computer.

This was cut a bit short. Since my social security number is apparently not old enough, they somehow can’t verify the information I have provided…. which is pretty sad for a company of that size working in information technology.

The whole thing was to make a bit of money on the side before I could find a reasonably paying job, and they told me to try again in one year. At that point I obviously won’t need to do that anymore since my marketable skills are worth at least $50k/year.

I guess I will bid farewell to this idea and the mechanical turk as a whole. Amazon also took a big hit in the amount of respect I had for them.