Idiocracy and the reality it has turned into

Assuming you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a future of more and more dumbed down children and a president straight out of an action movie.

The weird thing about it is that now people start actually seeing this future happen. We’re having a republican primary season that’s dominated by boasts of a retarded billionaire that has so many failed businesses that it’s hard to take him seriously as a businessman or more importantly a candidate. He’s an entertainer that has no substance and no plan.

And yet, somehow, in a national poll he would receive over 30% of the votes against either democratic candidate. Both of them being well qualified, both of them having plans, both of them talking about issues.

This whole thing obviously started a couple decades ago. When somehow the republicans convince a whole nation that we don’t want elitists in the white house. We somehow want a man of the people. We wanted George W. Bush ???? I’m still not sure how we got there. But from there it only got worse.

John McCain would have made a decent candidate. Obviously not a great one. Ever since Bill Clinton won the presidency with debates about plans, budgets, the future the republicans withdrew more and more from debates about issues and got drawn to debates of morals and ethics (while, unsurprisingly their morals and ethics are lacking). Debates about abortion, gay marriage, and religious beliefs took the place of issues, bills, economy.

After McCain we have Mitt Romney, another decent (and obviously not great) candidate. Himself a rich wall street guy who prides himself in abusing every tax loophole there is. Proudly paying far a far lower tax rate than someone making 10% of his income. Obviously way out of touch with most of the american population.

But then here we are in 2016. With a field that initially had 16 (qualified) candidates, with some candidates that were serious about their budgets, their plans, their issues. And we go with the candidates that has none of those.

The republican party apparently has decided against looking for a brighter future. Against having qualified candidates. Against elitism in all its forms.

We, as Americans, need to make sure we reverse this trend. Do we not want someone in the white house who’s smart ? Do we not want someone who has brilliant advisers ? Do we not want someone who thinks about the implications of the bills he signs into law ? Do we not want someone who takes a minute to think before acting ? Before making a choice that can alter the course of history for America ? Do we not want to be elitist when we choose our president ? Do we not want the best and the brightest for the job ?

I want the highest qualified candidate to be in the white house. I want the smartest person possible in the white house. I want someone who at least knows about the implications of their actions. I want someone that one of our closest allies doesn’t need to have a special session in both houses to figure out if they can, or need to, ban them from the country. I want someone that Americans can be sure doesn’t just nuke Iraq because there might be Isis there.

I want someone who thinks before acting.

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