Trump knows nothing about Mexico

Hillary let Trump get away with an incredible display of ignorance in the debate that apparently no one has picked up on (Forbes did write a short article on it).

Trump said: “Let me give you the example of Mexico. They have a VAT tax. We’re on a different system. When we sell into Mexico, there’s a tax. When they sell in — automatic, 16 percent, approximately. When they sell into us, there’s no tax.”

Now here’s the thing, while what he is said is true, it’s not quite the whole picture. Like Germany, Mexico has a sales tax, which means all goods sold are taxed. So you buy something at the store in Mexico you pay 16% tax, regardless of whether or not it’s produced in Mexico or the U.S..

Trump apparently expects the Mexican government to give a subsidy on anything imported from the U.S. by exempting it from the tax that they charged on everything else. That’s like saying I shouldn’t pay the sales tax on my car because it was made in Mexico.

So did Trump distort the facts or does he not know the facts. I think he’s just stupid.

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