Trump’s Travel Ban

and why it’s bullshit

I know I shouldn’t call it Trump’s travel ban, because it’s not a ban it’s obviously Bannon’s idea. And I do feel bad for people protesting Trump when he obviously doesn’t make many of the decisions.

As most of you know (sadly not many of the GOP supporters do) people can’t just decide to book a flight to the US and expect to be let into the country. There’s a visa waiver program, which itself was severely limited in the past years. So if you are a citizen of a small number of countries, and you let the US border patrol know at least 2 days in advance, you don’t need to apply for a visa to enter the US. Even then the border patrol can just decide to just send you back for any and no reason at all without letting you enter the country.

For the people in the countries affected by the ban, however, there is no visa waiver program.  To even get a visa they have to go through a visa application, they have to go to a consulate or embassy, they have to get their bio-metric data taken. To apply for a visa you have to always pay a visa application fee, which is non-refundable. To get any non-immigrant visa approved the applicant needs to provide sufficient proof that they will leave the country before the visa expires.

For student visas the process also includes having to pay tuition to the school that they’re going to attend. So the people that just had their visas revoked already had to make significant financial contributions which at least partly will not be returned. They already had to go through background checks and some scrutiny.

The green card holders that were initially included in the ban likely went through a process of more than a year. With some serious review of their applications.

In short: All of the people that were included in the ban came through a very rigorous process and were deemed to be safe to come to the US.

There was no risk coming from those people entering the US.

It was a ban born from hatred of Muslims, not from a desire to make America safer.

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