When you have ONE job

What is your main responsibility at work ?

What happens if you don’t do it ?

Let’s assume you go to your favorite restaurant and order what you usually do. Let’s assume there’s a side missing. Or let’s even assume they give you an empty plate. Would you go there again ?

What if it’s trash day and the trash doesn’t get picked up. Would you be alright with that ?

If your kids are at school and the math teacher doesn’t get around to teaching addition.

I could go on and on. Obviously people don’t get away with just not doing the one thing they got hired to do. No one does, really.

And then you have elected officials. I’m talking representatives and senators in particular. What would you say is their main job ? Passing bills ? Let’s make it even more simple.

The legislative branch has one main function: reading bills and voting on them. They are relatively well compensated for their job. They even have staffers who can break things down for them. They have all the resources in the world to help them understand what it is they’re voting on.

And yet, we have just “celebrated” a landmark “victory” in the house of representatives. The Republicans have finally passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

It turns out most of them have not read the bill at all, some have read “some of it”.

Now the main issue I have here is that this isn’t the first time, it won’t be the last time. You have people who have one job: reading a bill, then voting on it. And repeatedly they don’t read the bill. They still vote, of course. They still say it’s what’s best for the country. But, do they really know ?

The Republicans in particular are constantly blaming the less fortunate for being lazy. They say that everyone can be rich if they would just work harder. They say people don’t deserve welfare, or medicare, or food stamps. If you would just work a little harder you wouldn’t need government assistance.

And yet we keep giving people jobs who fail at the one thing they have to do. They get medicaid. They get tax payer funded salaries.

Just for posterity, here’s the list of people who voted to repeal Obamacare (especially including the medicaid expansion and protections for people with pre-existing conditions):


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